Optifine – this mod increases FPS in Minecraft (it is necessary for the weak computers), and also improves the quality of textures.

Personally, I have minecraft began to work decently faster, play became more comfortable. I advise everyone to install Optifine.

-Increases the FPS (visually speed)

-Improves the quality of the textures(an excellent replacement for the MC Patcher”s)

-Improved snow and grass.

-Adjustable lighting.

-Clear water.

And much more.

There are three types of Optifine:

1) OptiFine HD B3 Ultra
Includes all the features of the other two, has a lot of settings.
From the author: the video options in section Chunk Loading need to select either Standard or Smooth and Multi-Core. Including the mode of Multi-Core, you need to disable Threaded Optimization” / “OpenGL Threading”.

2) OptiFine HD B3 Standard
Standard optifine, is used for HD textures. With this thing MCPatcher is not required,
you can’t patch.

3) OptiFine B2 Light
Is used for the weak of computers, good increases FPS, not suitable for HD textures.

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