Mod makes your card completely snow.

– Snow in all biomes! From desert to swamp.
– It snows all the time. He never stops. (You can change this in the configuration file if you want)
– Dynamic level of snow! That is, you will be thin crust of snow, like pressure plate, and then as thick as semiblock.
– Snow covers almost all of the building blocks! You used to be upset that there is no snow on the roof because it is made of ladders and boards? Now there will be snow! In addition, the snow covers fences, boxes, even rails!
– To melt snow, use a torch or Redstone Torch. At present, the snow melts to a certain level, but not completely. (Snow in the two blocks from the light source, or directly adjacent to the torch will completely melt)

Mountains – hills:

Desert – Taiga:

NPC Village:



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