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The game was developed from 2009 to 2011 by the Swede Markus Persson Notch, since early 2011. Of the newly formed for this purpose Mojang AB The basic idea was mine Crafts Notch by Infiniminer, a 2009 play set, are degraded in the minerals and brought to the surface had to score points. Still influenced strategy games like Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper, the making of the game.
The murals are used in the game pixel art variations of oil paintings of Swedish artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand.
The game is developed in the Java programming language. For graphic output, the program library Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL) is used. To start a Java Runtime Environment Version 6 is required.
2011 took over Jensberg Sweetest the full creative control of Minecraft.
On 18 November 2011 was released the full version on the MineCon in Las Vegas, where Markus Persson presented it officially. Since the publication of the first version, there were numerous alpha and beta versions, the continuously extended to include new content and features and debugged.

The music is composed by the German composer Daniel Rosenfeld (aka C418), some of the sound effects are taken from the licensed under Creative Commons sound archive Freesound Project.

A soundtrack called “Minecraft – Volume Alpha” is, since March 2011, sold separately.
Minecraft Pocket Edition
On 8 October 2011 appeared the Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android. A month later, an identical version for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Back in August 2011, the game was exclusive to the Xperia Play smartphone from Sony Ericsson is available. This Pocket Edition offers but in comparison to the PC version, only a limited set of functions.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Followed in May 2012 by 4J Studios a port for the game console Xbox 360 and on the first day they could with more than 400,000 sales will overtake the Xbox usually charged until then Live Arcade title Trials Evolution significantly. The Xbox 360 version will Kinect and the cross-platform play with the PC version support.  The current version, however, depends behind the current PC version, this will change with future updates. This version of the game has a large number of resources that are adapted specifically for the Xbox, these include a newly designed crafting system and the ability to play on Xbox Live with friends.

Source Review
Euro Gamer 10/10
PC Gamer 96/100
IGN 9.0/10
Metacritic 93/100
In a compilation of browser games from PC Gamer in May 2010, Minecraft was placed within the top ten.

The Online Games Magazine Games Radar lists Minecraft in his top list as the best PC computer game of all time.

In the popular British computer gaming blog Rock, Paper, Shotgun was designated in September 2010 as part of a Minecraft week the game as perhaps the greatest indie hit of the year 2010.

Already in November 2010 over 1.7 million used the classic version and more than 550,000 have preordered. On 12 January 2011, the millionth version was sold, at the time already in beta.  By 25 April 2011 was bought Minecraft over 2 million copies, more than 7 million users simultaneously on the website of Minecraft account. On 1 July 2011, the 10 millionth user registered on Minecraft. On 5 Minecraft August 2011 was sold to the three millionth time, while more than 11 million users were registered on Minecraft. On 7 November 2011, more than 16 million users were registered on Minecraft, of which 4,000,000 have bought the game.
Meanwhile bought, according to developers, more than 8 million Minecraft.

On 30 September 2012 declared 4J Studios on Twitter, the Xbox version of Minecraft has sold four million copies.  Together with the sales of the other versions was Minecraft acquired for a total of more than 11 million copies making it one of the most popular games ever .

In early 2011, more than 210,000 U.S. dollars will be collected through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to make a documentary about Minecraft.  The project is implemented by 2PlayerProductions and from the originally planned 20 minutes to a much larger film are, for which you would like to accompany the programmer a year This film, called Minecraft appear The Story of Mojang, the start of December 2012.

On 11 Persson announced in May 2011 announced that the official Minecraft convention called MineCon 2011 is on 18-19 November in Las Vegas, Nevada.  During the MineCon has published the final version 1.0 of Minecraft. After the convention, there was a Into the Nether party with musician Deadmau5. All participants also received free unlock codes for the game Cobalt and Scrolls.

On 2 August 2012, a video was on the YouTube channel published by Mojang, for the 24 to 25 November announcing the MineCon 2012 in Disneyland Paris.

Name Platform
Manic Digger PC
Ace of Spades PC
Mine test c55 PC
Terasology PC
Fortress Craft Xbox 360
Lame Craft PSP
The game uses some borrowed from popular culture, so remember the so-called Villagers in Squidward Tentacles from the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. The Iron golems are similar to the robots in the Anime Castle in the Sky. The Endermen have strong similarities urban myth of the Slender Man on.

The game is known in the video platform YouTube primarily by the Let’s-play videos of various users. Currently one of the most popular German-Let’s Player of the Game is Gronkh.

The principle of existing blocks of worlds took over some games. Details can be found in the Table.

Extensibility mod

Extensibility mod

Minecraft mod can be extended by many mods. Jensberg Sweetest announced that mods should be installed directly in the future about Minecraft without additional programs, as in the “Texture Packs” of the case. You must only be stored in the corresponding folder in order to use them in the game.
Since the final version 1.1 the game in 56 different languages is available. Among them are fantasy languages like a pirate language. The players themselves can change the language files or add new languages. These language extensions were also unofficially previously available language packs and were called.

Multiplayer mod

Multiplayer mod

For the multi-player mod, there is no game servers operated by Mojang. Instead, each having to run a game server. For the Classic mod, there is a public server list, in survival mod to the hostname or IP address of the server you want to be known. Since the final version 1.3 single player worlds run as a separate server, so it is possible to play with other players in a local area network together.
To improve the support of the multi-player mode, the developers of the unofficial multiplayer modification Bukkit on 28 February 2012 set at Mojang, not very common server software is SpoutCraft. How Bukkit server can also expand SpoutCraft with any plugins.
On 15 In July 2012 it has been possible through the use of an exploit in the Minecraft mod login servers to log in with a different user account in the game. After this exploit was discovered, the Minecraft authentication servers have been shut down as a precaution until the fault is corrected was. In an official statement announced Mojang that despite this vulnerability no passwords or other personal information could be spotted.

Different minecraft mods

Hardcore mod
Since version 1.0, there is to the hardcore mod, a special type of survival mode in which the level of difficulty (heavy) can not be changed and the world is deleted at the death of the player final.
Creative mod
Since the version 1.8 beta, there is the creative mode, where the player has unlimited amounts of blocks available. It is also possible to fly and immediately dismantle blocks. Further damage and health are off, which simplifies the creation of large and complex structures.

Classic mod
The classic mod of Minecraft is free and is no longer developed since late 2009. It is similar to the creative mode. The player has no life and can place a limited number of cubes in the game world. Classic can be played in multi-and single player.

Adventure mod
With the final version 1.3 also an adventure mode has been added. This mod is similar to the survival mode. Blocks can be placed, but only be reduced with the right tools. The player can fully interact with objects, such as boxes and buttons.

Minecraft Survival mod

In survival minecraft mod the player has a health bar, for example, is depleted by attacks from monsters, falls, or drowning. The player also has a hunger ad that be refilled periodically by eating different foods (meat, bread, etc.) needs. Through the day and night cycles, the player is forced to do so, especially in the beginning, to build a safe house for the night. Through the construction of beds in secure locations, it is possible to skip the night and so to escape confrontation with zombies and other monsters. Because certain raw materials be submitted by killing monsters, it is sometimes necessary to seek a confrontation with the opponents or to lure them into self-constructed traps. For example, the construction of an arc is not possible until the player several spider killed in combat or has entered also populated by spiders abandoned mine shafts. The game has an inventory system, so the player can only carry a limited number of items (limited to 36 places). At death are dropped all the inventory items located. These items can be collected within a limited time.
Players can earn experience points by killing monsters and mining of ores. With the experience points can then tools, weapons and armor are enchanted. Enchanted Items are usually stronger, last longer, or have other special effects.
The difficulty level can be adjusted during the game at any time and the appearance of monsters are also turned off completely.

Mod for minecraft

A Minecraft mod game world consists largely of blocks of one meter each side, which are arranged according to a grid. These blocks each consisting of a material, such as earth, wood or different ores. Nearly all blocks are removable and can be either the same (eg, sand) or as a degradation product (stone is Paving Stone) will be included in the inventory. The blocks can be sold almost anywhere in the world again, they are also combined in different variations and allow including the construction of tools, weapons and armor.
The game is divided into two areas, which can be played either alone or online in multiplayer mode – the free Classic-part that is no longer being developed since the end of 2009 and only allows the placement of cubes of different materials in the game world, as well as the survival part, subject to charges. The latter allows, among other things, the dismantling of raw materials, their processing to other objects and the fight against monsters that appear only on the basis of twenty-minute day-night rhythm during the night.
In virtually infinite Minecraft world can meet to complete pre-built villages, where computer-controlled villagers live. Some of these NPCs like pigs or sheep to serve the players as sources of raw materials for example, meat or wool.
Minecraft does not have a fixed predefined goal game, the main focus is on the exploration and discovery of the intersected by caves and dungeons game world, and the construction of individual buildings and devices. Since the final version 1.0, a “The End” game called goal is reached, in which you have a boss, defeat the Ender Dragon. When you have done that, the player is rewarded with a lot of experience points. This is followed by a ten-minute guy, but the game is not finished. Since version 1.5 Beta gives the game a number of challenges (so-called “successes”) designed to facilitate, inter alia, the entry into the game.
The Survival and Creative mode is continually evolving. and undergoes multiple updates annually. Mojang began in late 2011 mostly weekly to publish so-called “snapshots” to. This optional test versions are released before official updates, to get feedback and to correct errors.
Minecraft mods can be played from a first person or third-person perspective.