[1.4.6/1.4.7] Adventure Time Mod – Time adventures!


Hello everyone! Today we have a mod which adds to the game, the characters from the cartoon Adventure Time.

Mod adds:

-Of Marceline
-Ice King
Penguin Hunter

The same mod adds two new weapons, but to get them you will need to kill a Finn or of Marceline.
From Finn falls sword Finn, and from Marceline. Axe Marceline.

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[1.4.7] Better Anvils, remove the limit level for anvil!



This mod is very useful , it removes the limit in 39 levels for the anvil, it is now XP there is no limit.

You can repair the super instruments,super armor.
But the main feature is the fact that the mod running quietly in the multiplayer game, Yes it is there, it is now possible cheater

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