Telescope [1.3.1]


Install Modloader 1.3.1

Files from Telescope place in a folder minecraft.jar

Mod adds to the game telescope. With it you can watch someone or something on the far distance.

Video and Output:

Reference to the foreign source – / mod / telescope /

download mod

Throwable slimeballs [1.2.5]


1.Set ModLoader
2.Download Mod
3.Replace files from Throwable slimeballs [1.2.5] folder Minecraft.jar

Throwable slimeballs – I mucus in Minecraft, with the help of this mod will be a completely new application, now she can throw in any mob and he will have slow movement in the some time (Local time – 18 seconds). Nights slime excellent application against the crowd your thirst for death mobs.

PS If you get a slime monster in the water, while a slowdown will last for 3 seconds.


download mod