Installation mode:
1. Install ModLoader and AudioMod
2. Place the zip archive with the mod in .minecraft / mods
3. Play!

This mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 adds a new animal – Chocobos'ov. They are very cute and can not only be your mates, but also transport you to multiply, etc.
After installing the mod, you will find in the game has a lot of new plants – they are necessary for the growth and feeding of new animals – Chocobos'ov.
Chocobo Saddle-Allows you to ride the new animal and move on it.

1339829105 crafting saddle 200x109 Chococraft [1.2.5]

Chocobo Saddle Bags-Can speed up your pet.

1339829191 crafting saddle bags 200x109 Chococraft [1.2.5]

Chocobo Pack Bags-When equipped these bags for pets – they can carry a lot of inventory.

1339829242 crafting pack bags 200x109 Chococraft [1.2.5]

Chocobo Whistle-The scroll will release Chocobos'a free.

1339829353 crafting whistle 200x109 Chococraft [1.2.5]

Loverly GysahlIs a plant used for propagation Chocobos'ov

1339829381 crafting loverly 200x109 Chococraft [1.2.5]

Golden Gysah, Is also used for reproduction, but are more likely to receive the seed.

1339829417 crafting golden 200x110 Chococraft [1.2.5]

Gysahl Cake-This cake can instantly get your pet to grow big and beautiful Chocobos'a.

1339829378 crafting cake 200x109 Chococraft [1.2.5]

Gysahl Seeds, The seeds can be planted to grow herbs, such Chocobos'y can fertilize farms.

1339829488 crafting seeds 200x109 Chococraft [1.2.5]

Chocobo Fertilizer-Fertilizer that enables plants to grow faster.

1339829520 crafting fertilizer 200x109 Chococraft [1.2.5]

Chibi Gysahl-if you feed it to your pet – it will stop growing.

1339829512 crafting chibi 200x109 Chococraft [1.2.5]

Chocopedia-This book contains all the information about the new pets.

1339829573 crafting chocopedia 200x107 Chococraft [1.2.5]

Chocobo Tweezers-Curling plucking feathers Chocobos'ov.

1339829593 crafting tweezers 200x108 Chococraft [1.2.5]

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