Hardcore mod

Since version 1.0, there is to the hardcore mod, a special type of survival mode in which the level of difficulty (heavy) can not be changed and the world is deleted at the death of the player final.
Creative mod
Since the version 1.8 beta, there is the creative mode, where the player has unlimited amounts of blocks available. It is also possible to fly and immediately dismantle blocks. Further damage and health are off, which simplifies the creation of large and complex structures.

Classic mod
The classic mod of Minecraft is free and is no longer developed since late 2009. It is similar to the creative mode. The player has no life and can place a limited number of cubes in the game world. Classic can be played in multi-and single player.

Adventure mod
With the final version 1.3 also an adventure mode has been added. This mod is similar to the survival mode. Blocks can be placed, but only be reduced with the right tools. The player can fully interact with objects, such as boxes and buttons.

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