Mod adds to the game mob which will always be run with you and help Survived.
You can stop it by clicking on it Right mouse button.
You can dress up your friend any thing.
Also, you can not apply it damage.
Changeable skin and a friend's name (including the color name)
Completely change the phrase
Graphical user interface (inventory & Information)
Health indicator
In-game help.

Open the archive go to the folder 1.0.0-FriendMod
1. File place in a folder / .minecraft / Mods /
2. Folder FriendModConfig put in the game folder

Of your friend:


friend_name = Name of friend
settings_inventory_key = Key equipment other. (Default "U").
friend_phrase_stopfollowing = The phrase following the termination of the player ..
friend_phrase_getbow = Phrase when picked onions.
friend_melee_reach = Distance at which each would get a melee weapon.
friend_phrase_lowhealth_3 = Phrase with low health (three).
friend_phrase_lowhealth_2 = Phrase with low health (second).
friend_phrase_lowhealth_1 = Phrase with low health (I).
friend_phrase_quit = Phrase friend before he died.
settings_last_world = Last world.
friend_archer_reach Range = other.
friend_phrase_joinmessage = Phrase when returning another.
settings_show_mod_welcome_message = Show a welcome message (ture / false).
friend_phrase_eatfood The phrase = the consumption of food.
friend_basestrength = Base strength.
friend_texture = Textures another.
friend_quit_message = Message when they are disconnected.
friend_name_colour = Colour friend's name.
friend_join_message = Message when connecting other.
settings_teleport_distance = Distance at which each teleport to you.
friend_phrase_attack_3 = Battle Cry (the first one).
friend_phrase_attack_2 = Battle Cry (second).
friend_phrase_attack_1 = Battle Cry (third).
friend_phrase_random_6 Random quote = (sixth).
friend_phrase_random_5 Random quote = (fifth).
friend_phrase_random_4 Random quote = (fourth).
friend_phrase_random_3 = Random quote (three).
friend_phrase_random_2 = Random quote (second).
settings_min_follow = Minimum distance route.
friend_phrase_random_1 Random quote = (first).
settings_pause_on_inventory = Pause when opening inventory (true / false).
friend_maxhealth = Maximum health of others.
friend_phrase_startfollowing = The phrase at the beginning of following the player.
settings_respawn_timer = Time to spawn another.
settings_max_follow = Maximum distance route.
friend_phrase_openinventory = The phrase at the opening inventory.
settings_movespeed_attacking = Speed in battle.
settings_movespeed_following = Speed of repetition.


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