Mod makes the system production ore rather interesting than before.

Video instruction on installation:

A prior set ForgeAPI and ModLoader
Changes to the game:
– Now the power is called the ore vein. With the destruction of Strands of her fall to be perekraftit ore into dust (copper dust, gold dust, etc.). Dust also pereplavlivaetsya for bullion or combined with other dust that would create an alloy.
– Spawn ore was changed. Now themselves ore deposits became less but by themselves, these deposits are much larger. As in real life, the main thing to find a vein and it is already possible to deflate the mountain of ore.
– Wooden and stone tools have a new look.
– Spawn of diamonds, gold, rubies, coal was not subject to the change that would not bring imbalance to the game and to preserve the uniqueness and rarity of these ores.

Copper – a popular ore nesostavit find it easily. Used to create some good tools or combined with tin to create some bronze.

Tin – what would normally be used in combination with copper to create bronze.

Bronze – Iron material created from copper and tin

Manganese – combined with iron that used to create steel.

Steel – iron material created by their iron and manganese

Mithril, "Moria silver", Tolkien readers know. Much more stable and faster hardware.

Orichalcum – a very rare and valuable metal.

Adamantium – good luck finding this stuff.

Zinc – a component of brass. Occurs pretty often.

Brass – is made up of copper and zinc. Can be used to create brass coins.

Silver – a precious metal. Can be used to create silver coins.

Gold – the precious metal can also be used to create coins.

Platinum – the rarest precious metal, used to create platinum coins

The process of crafting:
1) Find the vein.
2) Destroying collect ore mine fell out of it.
3) crafted from ore dust. Also there you can combine two ore that would create an alloy.
4) dust smelt into ingots.
5) Use the bars as you wish.
Kraft coins:
1) smelt brass / silver / gold / platinum to create coins.
2) crafted 9 coins you create a stack of coins
3) crafted nine stacks of coins you create a bag of coins.
The process of creating an ingot

The process of creating coins


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