Russifier Minecraft 1.0.

Softonic yet without Autoset, because there were some problems.

Hints will be given.

Version of VMware Workstation: 2.1
Working client and server version

What’s new?
Added new items.
Translated titles in the end.


-does not conflict with the mods
-translated achivki (achievements) and statistics!
-You can write to the chat in Russian
-Russian menu (optional)
-the names of objects in Russian (optional)
-Automatic installation for Windows
-smiley. To put a joyful smile to uppercase N. To put a sad smile, uppercase b.
-letter e is functioning well, and the server will not kick for her. (If the server uses the same crack, or similar)

Installer for Win XP and Win 7 automatically, you need only
1. Unpack the archive and run somewhere MC_rus_setup.exe
2. Select the options you want.
3. Click “Start”
4. ???

Installation on the server, so do not throw away a Russian letters:
1. Download the file and folder fonts.txt lang server
2. 1 If you have a standard server minecraft, then you need to go to the folder to the server, open the file minecraft_server.jar any archiver (WinRAR, 7zip) and replace the files to download.
2. 2 If you have a server for Bukkit. Open CraftBukkit.jar (or something similar) any archiver (WinRAR, 7zip), and replace the file and folder lang fonts.txt to download.
3. You can run the server and play.

download mod

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