Set: Modloader 1.2.5 and ModloaderMP 1.2.5

Run the installer Minecraft DayZ MOD BETA 1.4 and follow the instructions.

Given Mod, completely portable gameplay from DayZ in minecraft. Now you will run on world, in search of weapons and food to survive, but be careful! Around zombies.

1342437558 lnamu Minecraft DayZ Mod v1.4 [1.2.5]

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Weapons: AKM + store.

Weapons: M1911 + store.

Weapon: Hunting rifle + store.

New effects.

The complexity of zombies changed.

The new screen is dying.

Now, in a single game can only be played in the "hardcore"

Fixed an issue with the gun.

The treatment broken leg was much longer.

Now under the bar shows the name of the subject of hunger.

Zombies will drop various items that are in vogue.


1343213647 2012 07 25 15.26.12 Minecraft DayZ Mod v1.4 [1.2.5]

1343213664 2012 07 25 15.29.14 Minecraft DayZ Mod v1.4 [1.2.5]

1343213587 2012 07 25 16.50.13 Minecraft DayZ Mod v1.4 [1.2.5]

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