Mo' People [1.8.1]

Priceless Mod which adds to the game, not only new mobs and Notch


which you can kill.

Minecraft creator is now in a single game! Notch spawn on your map, after the murder of his fall from one to two apples.
Known bugs: sometimes Spann pairs (hope this is not a hint of its orientation). This is usually unnoticed, if there was not spawn near you.

Farmers will wander on your map. After the killing of wheat falls!
Plans to make: that they spawn on a flat grassy meadow.

These loggers will roam on your map. After killing them drop a stick!
Plans to make: that they appear in the woods

Miners will wander around your map. After killing them falling coal!
Plans to make: that they appear under the ground

Psychos spawn somewhere on your card. They spawn rarely, but groups in the afternoon. Beware! They attack without warning!

Suicide bomber:
These hot guys spawn anywhere on your map. They spavntsya during the day and are in a passive state. But watch out, they explode on contact 😉 Now it falls out of TNT, but only if you're lucky, it rarely occurs.

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