Minecraft Survival mod

In survival minecraft mod the player has a health bar, for example, is depleted by attacks from monsters, falls, or drowning. The player also has a hunger ad that be refilled periodically by eating different foods (meat, bread, etc.) needs. Through the day and night cycles, the player is forced to do so, especially in the beginning, to build a safe house for the night. Through the construction of beds in secure locations, it is possible to skip the night and so to escape confrontation with zombies and other monsters. Because certain raw materials be submitted by killing monsters, it is sometimes necessary to seek a confrontation with the opponents or to lure them into self-constructed traps. For example, the construction of an arc is not possible until the player several spider killed in combat or has entered also populated by spiders abandoned mine shafts. The game has an inventory system, so the player can only carry a limited number of items (limited to 36 places). At death are dropped all the inventory items located. These items can be collected within a limited time.
Players can earn experience points by killing monsters and mining of ores. With the experience points can then tools, weapons and armor are enchanted. Enchanted Items are usually stronger, last longer, or have other special effects.
The difficulty level can be adjusted during the game at any time and the appearance of monsters are also turned off completely.

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