Aether Mod v1.04 Forge Compatible [1.0.0]

Mod adds a new world opposite Hell Aether (Ether), Ether this is a fantastic prikrasno world, where no lava and all frightening Caves.

New world extremely beautiful, but it also dangerous. New Mobs can seriously damage your health. Even the movement of a You will take a lot of effort, time and power, because the world is made up of many individual Islands. But do not worry: if you try to move to another island You falls, character just died of a stroke at a meeting with the surface primary world.
Heavenly peace, of course, is filled with new blocks, items and mobs. Peaceful, as they would seem, these deadly birds shoot poisonous needles in you, but when you provoke them. They are one of the few hostile mobs in the air.

Ready client mod Aether Mod v1.04 Forge Compatible download.

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