Aqua's Wacky Creepers Mod [1.2.5]


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Wacky Creepers – small Mod which adds a lot of new variations of the creeper, with the most interesting abilities, the authors say that fashion, complement your experience in Minecraft. You can also choose what kind of creeper you will spawn.

The author wrote: "Keep in mind that this is the toughest of neobezatelno mods
since this is his first mod. And do not hesitate to criticize his "
Creeper fireworks:
Consists of red and white stripes, and his feet were wrapped in flames. When he gets
damage (for example, you hit it) then it will take off at high speed up and explode
gorgeous, colorful fireworks. Each explosion has two colors, the case
selected between white, blue, red, green and yellow. It is an indispensable
decoration for any celebration, but be careful it can ignite
any objects. Creeper fireworks appear on the beach or on the frozen
Poisonous Creeper:
Purple and green sparks, explodes green poisonous cloud of poison
from which the player takes damage. From it falls rotten flesh and mushrooms.

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