Armor Movement Mod v1.2 [1.3.1]


Set: Modloader 1.3.1

Files from Armor Movement Mod v1.2 [1.3.1] place in a folder minecraft.jar

Interesting fashion it includes such items as: Dzhetpak, Glider, Parachute and etc.

Management: Standard action button F. You can change the key in the settings menu.


Glider – If you press the action, you take off.

Parachute – You will fall slowly, if you hold the action button.

Life jacket – If you wear a jacket, you will not drown in the water.

Flippers – With them you will move quickly in the water slowly on land.

Rollers – With them you'll quickly move on land. (No effect on hunger)

Dzhetpak – If you hold a space you will be flying through the air very quickly.

A hat with a propeller – If you hold a space, but you will fly through the air will move slower than dzhetpak.

Shoes with spring – With them you will jump to a height of 6 units.

Hook – You can throw your hook in the far distance. You will be teleported where land your hook.

Underwater Helmet – Allows you to breathe underwater.

Hobnailed boots – Allow you to get on any wall, even on vertical.

Skates – Allow you to move faster on the ice, on the ground slowly.

Bananas – Can not be distinguished from apples, except that only the texture. Restore 2.0 scale division hunger.


Armor Movement Mod v1.2 [1.3.1]
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