Bettern Wilderness Mod [1.3.2]


Establish ModLoader

Files from Better Wilderness Mod move to minecraft.jar

Mod makes the game, in terms of mobs better. Characteristics, behavior and so on. With the game and the mod Mobs become more realistic.

List of changes:

  • The wolves will attack cows, pigs and sheep
  • Ocelots are killing pigs and chickens
  • Zombies will be more lives, they will be faster and will kill the cows.
  • Creeper and Skeletons will try to kill people
  • Spiders are bigger, stronger and faster
  • Pigs and Sheep will pursue the player, and they will fall more and sugar
  • Residents have become faster
  • Residents, cows, sheep, pigs and chickens will run away from the zombies and skeletons Creeper
  • Iron Golems are stronger
  • Dragon can spawn in the biome of the high mountains
  • With Wolves meat falls
  • Ocelots run faster and spawn in the biome plains with centers
  • And much more

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