BrainStone v1.8.2 Beta [1.2.5]


Establish ModLoader
Files from BrainStone v1.8.2 Beta [1.2.5] place in a folder minecraft.jar
This Mod you will adds to the game "smart"Blocks, which are based on the work Redstone, so far has only mod light sensor and trigger.
The light sensor works as follows: put the block and press down the right mouse button, we specify the new menu, how much light he needs to make before, that is set to 1, the sensor will work, or if there is a bright glow, or barely noticeable. Specify 10, the sensor will only work in direct sunlight!
Trigger: Insert menu, an empty cell put any block on top of the trigger and then placed a texture unit, while stepping on the block, there is food. Can be used as traps, as in the menu the same way that it will activate the trigger.
BrainStone v1.8.2 Beta [1.2.5] - Mods for minecraft
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