Mod for minecraft

A Minecraft mod game world consists largely of blocks of one meter each side, which are arranged according to a grid. These blocks each consisting of a material, such as earth, wood or different ores. Nearly all blocks are removable and can be either the same (eg, sand) or as a degradation product (stone is Paving Stone) will be included in the inventory. The blocks can be sold almost anywhere in the world again, they are also combined in different variations and allow including the construction of tools, weapons and armor.
The game is divided into two areas, which can be played either alone or online in multiplayer mode – the free Classic-part that is no longer being developed since the end of 2009 and only allows the placement of cubes of different materials in the game world, as well as the survival part, subject to charges. The latter allows, among other things, the dismantling of raw materials, their processing to other objects and the fight against monsters that appear only on the basis of twenty-minute day-night rhythm during the night.
In virtually infinite Minecraft world can meet to complete pre-built villages, where computer-controlled villagers live. Some of these NPCs like pigs or sheep to serve the players as sources of raw materials for example, meat or wool.
Minecraft does not have a fixed predefined goal game, the main focus is on the exploration and discovery of the intersected by caves and dungeons game world, and the construction of individual buildings and devices. Since the final version 1.0, a “The End” game called goal is reached, in which you have a boss, defeat the Ender Dragon. When you have done that, the player is rewarded with a lot of experience points. This is followed by a ten-minute guy, but the game is not finished. Since version 1.5 Beta gives the game a number of challenges (so-called “successes”) designed to facilitate, inter alia, the entry into the game.
The Survival and Creative mode is continually evolving. and undergoes multiple updates annually. Mojang began in late 2011 mostly weekly to publish so-called “snapshots” to. This optional test versions are released before official updates, to get feedback and to correct errors.
Minecraft mods can be played from a first person or third-person perspective.