Establish ModLoader 1.2.5
All the files in the folder Tale of Kingdoms v1.3.0 place in the folder minecraft.jar

Mod adds quite a few changes to the game, Quests, Guild, etc.

Open the file, and all the files in the folder TaleOfKingdoms 1.3.0 Pre2 Move to folder minecraft.jar
After some time, you can choose where the location of the new city, which will have different buildings for special purposes. Kingdom with the passage of time will be expanded and will give the player-king your income on which you can build your own army, and more! Mod remarkable integrated into the normal world Minecraft, without interfering with the players to do their usual business, and does not cause a feeling that it's not supposed to be.

When creating a new world (and in the old fashion this work and will not) appear in front of us a button offering to start "quest for conquest" (a campaign in order to gain, if literally. And in fact, the button says Start New Conquest). If we agree, then lose the last of the kingdom, if that happened, and after / before / left / right / you there is a castle called the Guild. Going into it, we must turn right and right again (will be in the hotel), in the building up the stairs, and then wander through the corridors of the huge building, trying to find a guy with a beard, who is happy to sign a contract with us. If you can not find yourself – check out this video. There on the video is to show and tell, but in English. Entering into a contract, go for a walk through the Guild. You can find a guy giving one (1) bread into 1 (one) maynkraftovsky day trader weapons and armor (swords, axes, shovels and armor sets), which, incidentally, can float 95% of the rubbish. For example, the dirt can not float, and the flowers can be.
Run over, get enough, it's time to fight. Grab a sword or ax, and run into the street. Moisten spiders, zombies, skeletons, Creeper, collect them now with the falling money. By morning, we return to the Guild. We go to the master (the one dude with the beard, the contracts are held), we say that is looking at the strip under the call options, it will be partly red. More mobs killed = more red. When the bar is full, you can be the king, to establish his kingdom. After filling the bars we go to dude standing at the Inn on the left of the entrance and click RMB on it, it starts for us to follow. Pull back far enough from the Guild, and again click on it. We ask whether we are sure, click yes and get my city.
To build in the city need to bring enough of the tree (the tree name, not boards!) And stone (koblstouna). Namely – to 5 stacks each on one new building and one stack each to repair the house. After tuning out the first "level", you can go to the second. In the second opening up new homes and shops, as well as expanding the space.
In addition, the need to somehow defend his kingdom, right? Build barracks, you can buy Strelkov Warriors in them, 1000z for 1pc of both. If you click on them RPK, they will move from the "Follow player" to "patrol the area," and vice versa.
By the way the Master Hunter for hire, 3000z = 1 piece, and if you click on them RPK, they change weapons (sword -> onion, -> sword), and you can scroll the time in the hotel – it is necessary to talk to the dude exactly opposite the entrance.


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