Install ModLoader 1.2.3
Files from The Seasons Mod v2.0 place in the folder minecraft.jar

Mod adds to the game Season 4, biomes to replace ..

– By default, every season is seven nights.
– The transition between the seasons last for 30 minutes.
– 30 minutes of playing time is eating you get some sleep.
– Most of the functions of this mode is disabled in multiplayer, but it is recommended to restart the game if you install this mod in the SPP and want to go to the SMP regime.
– If you do not like any feature, you can probably turn it off in the config file


The hot season. And the most dangerous.


Days are longer, the night is shorter;

All summer rain – storms;

Rain falls, even in the snow biomes (but thawed);

Wheat growing 1.5 times faster;

If you're in the desert and have a roof over you, you'll get through the interval any damage;

Summer rains will destroy the plants in the plains (Clean grown in the spring);

Along with the spring snow and ice will destroy in no snow biomes (Clean appeared in winter).


Orange adds to vegetation Minecraft.


Grass and leaves change color spectrum;

Red and yellow flowers in the world, change the texture, something to match the color of the grass;

At harvest, vypoluchaete bonus wheat.


Cold season. Ice and snow are not rare! Little characteristics, but vary the gameplay.


Snow coming down anytime, anywhere, except Nezer and deserts, it makes your days are darker;

The nights are long, the day is shorter.


Season plants


High grass, flowers and special plants (from other mods, add config) on blocks of grass directly under sunlight.



Show seasons. Go counterclockwise. The current season is always right.


Shows the temperature is useful in summer and winter.

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