You can create your Fire weapons to use them in the game.
Q: How do I set up my gun?
A: Run GunCreator using Java. When you open it should look like the picture below:

And now look at the process of creating your firearms.
Gun Name: Name weapons. ("AK-47", "M16", "Uzi", "UberSniper")
Bullet damage: Amount of damage, with 1 = half of the heart (heart 4 = 2, 10 = 5 hearts, etc.)
Bullet range: range bullet: how far can a bullet fly before it drops damage [you can not snipe at people in full damage, if the radius of a small bullet]. (2000 sniper rifle, 100 pistol)
Bullet item ID: ID bullets for the gun. This should be a unique number, which will not conflict with other things [whether elements from other mods or elements from the original game] (2000, 4051, etc.)
Rounds per minute: the number of shots in one minute rate. Please note that the maximum number of Shots in the blowjob is about 4200. (60 sniper rifle, 420, gun, etc.)
Reload time (ms): how long it takes in milliseconds to reload the weapon. (1000 = 1 second, 2500 = 2.5 seconds)
Gun Item ID: ID weapons. This must be a unique number and it must differ from the bullet ID number must not conflict with other things [whether elements from other mods or elements from the original game (see examples Bullet item ID)
Clip size: The number of shots to perezardki, the number of rounds in the magazine (30 for the automatic, 6 for the sniper rifle, etc.)
Recoil: vertical recoil gun (I would suggest not to put any value here, while I do not fully corrected a couple of bugs)
Horizontal recoil: horizontal recoil gun (see explanation Recoil)
Fire mode: firing mode. (Single = press the RMB to each shot, Auto = you can hold down the mouse constantly, Burst = press the button once for each queue before recharging)
Scope type: Type of sight. (Sniper = cross with low vision)
Scope zoom: Factor in increasing the sight. (1.0 = normal vision, 2.5 = 2.5 enlarged scope, etc.)
Q: Where can I push. GUN / 2 files?
A: Put. GUN / 2 files in a folder that is on the way "… / .minecraft / Heuristix / guns /"
Q: How do I use the sight?
A: Click on the "z".
Q: How do I recharge?
A: Click on the "r".

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