VideoCraft [1.8.1]

Mod for shooting video right in the game, you have to press only one button.

In the video shows the old version with a lot of lag and minimal recording quality settings (10 of 15). In the new version of the image became clearer and clearer sound. Mod reduced rates by only 10 FPS.
How does it work?

During the game, simply press "F4", to start recording. Will be heard a strange sound that notifies you about the record.
To stop recording, press the "F4" again. A message appears stating the name of the recorded video.

Video can be found in the "videos" folder in the directory Minecraft (by analogy in the screenshot):

The functions that can be added in later versions VideoCraft:

The in-game graphical user interface with video and audio encoding, as well as the file name as the player.
YouTube-loader is (possibly the fastest)
The possibility of simultaneous recording from a microphone.
Ability to set the window size Minecraft, specifying the width and height
Ability to set the file format. for example:. AVI, WAV, etc.

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