Given Mod Adds a menu function choice generation your World.

After you install the mod you will see this menu:

1. All files in the archive copy minecraft.jar
2. Folder mapgen (with additional generators inside), copy the folder .minecraft

– Default – ordinary world.
– Sky – the heavenly world of flying islands.

– Flat – absolutely flat surface
– Wasterland – generator from the same fashion. In this world there is grass on the ground and foliage on the trees.
– Simple Winter – The whole world will be in the Biomes – Tundra.
– Simple Desert – The whole world will be in the biome – Desert.
– Frendly – In this world, only spawn chickens, other animals do not.
– Hell on Earth – in this world will spawn a zombie svinolyudi and Gast.
– Last Days (Desert, Taiga, Forest) – always be night.

download mod

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